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  • LSB Vitriol pump [Sell]
  • General In order to adapt the development requirement of vitriol produce technology we have empoldered LSB series thick vitriol submersible pump with Metal Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai University of Communication and ji...
  • Company:Jiangsu Haishi Pumps Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
  • Post Date:2010-03-21 | Category:Pump and Vacuum Equipment & Other Pump and Vacuum Equipment | From:China
  • Vacuum System for Secondary Steelmaking Process [Sell]
  • This equipment is intended for RH or VD/VOD process. Two series are currently available: steam jet vacuum pump, steam + ciculating water jet vacuum system. The former costs low, but needs large capacity steam boiler; the latter costs more, but is ene...
  • Company:Hangzhou Xihu Vacuum Equipment Factory
  • Post Date:2010-03-15 | Category:Pump and Vacuum Equipment & Other Pump and Vacuum Equipment | From:China
  • F-K Screw Pump [Sell]
  • The heavy-loading pneumatic conveying pump is specially designed for transmission of pulverized materials and is widely applied in the industries of architectural materials, electric power, chemical, metallurgy, coal and transportation, etc. The pump...
  • Company:Nanjing Compressor Co., Ltd.
  • Post Date:2010-03-12 | Category:Pump and Vacuum Equipment & Other Pump and Vacuum Equipment | From:China
  • Forged Steel Flanged End Valves [Sell]
  • liangjing valves are available in three bonnet designs:.Bolted Bonnet, with male-female joint, spiral wound gasket, made in F304L/graphite. Ring joint gasket is also available on request..Welded Bonnet, with a threaded and seal welded joint. On reque...
  • Company:liangjing valve.,Ltd.
  • Post Date:2010-01-28 | Category:Valve & Medium Pressure Valve | From:China
  • forged steel trunnion ball valves [Sell]
  • Features: Ball valves, trunnion mounted, side entry design or top entry design .Valve body is designed in accordance with the requirements of API6D for pipeline service .Antistatic and blow-out proof design with integral pins to ensure pe...
  • Company:liangjing valve.,Ltd.
  • Post Date:2010-01-11 | Category:Valve & Medium Pressure Valve | From:China
  • Screw Compressor [Sell]
  • Type III compressor is a new version of the above mentioned TypeII compressor. All profitable features are identical with the following exceptions: utilization of new WL-C rotor profiles to increase the operational efficiency by 5~8%. Advanced techno...
  • Company:Wuhan-New World refrigeration industrial CO.,LTD
  • Post Date:2010-03-13 | Category:Compressor & Fan & Refrigeration Compressor | From:China
  • Stainless steel valve [Sell]
  • This product is widely used for closure in the pipeline in the aspect of natural gas, liquefied gas, oil, aviation kerosene and water and corrosion or non-corrosive medium . Features: Stainless steel throttle valve closing short sales use the cage-...
  • Company:Shanghai Xiangnuo valve Co., LTD
  • Post Date:2011-08-25 | Category:Valve & Other Valves | From:China
  • We have key facilities, first class assembling and rivet welding shops. The testing site accommodates eight sets of large rigs at same time and the production capacity of large rigs is 25 sets per year. Since 1994, twelve types of six series of rigs ...
  • Company:Shengli Oilfield Highland Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Post Date:2011-08-25 | Category:Oil Field Equipment & Auxiliary Equipment for Drilling Rig | From:China
  • rotary air compressor [Sell]
  • Shanghai Denair Compressor Co., Ltd is registered in shanghai large-scale professional compressor producing and exporting enterprise .Designed by different markets and different projects condition, the configuration reference Germany Denair standard....
  • Company:Shanghai Denair Compressor Co., Ltd
  • Post Date:2011-09-15 | Category:Compressor & Fan & Rotary Compressor | From:China
  • High pressure ball valve [Sell]
  • Autoclave's high-pressure ball valves have been designed to provide superior quality for maximum performance within a variety of valve styles, sizes, and process connections for pressures to 20,000 psi. Our unique design innovations include an integr...
  • Company:Autoclave Engineers Division
  • Post Date:2011-08-25 | Category:Valve & High Pressure Valve | From:United States
  • Truck Loading Arm [Sell]
  • We have been providing the truck and rail car loading arm for the chemical market since 1994. The arm can be used to load and unload any products, such as gasoline, diesel oil, pitch, heavy oil, alkalis media, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sewage a...
  • Company:CCL Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd
  • Post Date:2012-01-12 | Category:Refinery & Petrochemical Equipment & Loading Arm | From:China
  • HNA mud pump power end parts on sale [Sell]
  • Power end parts:HNA supplies power end parts such as crank shaft,pinion shaft,crosshead,bull gear,pulsation dampener, frame and so on for following triplex mud pumps:EMSCO: F-500 F-800 F-1000 F-1300 F-1600 NATIONAL OILWELL: 8-P-80 9-P-100 10-P-13...
  • Company:Qingdao HNA Oilfield Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
  • Post Date:2014-01-03 | Category:Oil Field Equipment & Parts for Oil Field Equipment | From:China
  • Twin Seal Guideway Valve [Sell]
  • Twin seal guide way valve. It has the most perfect double blocks function and also is a new kind of plug valve. It is usually used on the middle low pressure pipeline which diameter is less than 200mm. It needs 4~6 turns to open or close it exactly.
  • Company:CCL Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd
  • Post Date:2012-01-12 | Category:Valve & Ball Valve | From:China
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