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Casing Cup Testers

Casing Cup Testers
Casing Cup Testers

Product Description

The Testing Cup is mainly used for the pressure test on the casing string and blowout preventer stack. All of the oil (gas and water) well has been running in hole with casing and has been installing the mouth of wellhead equipment, to test pressure delamination one-off for casing and control blowout pressure system, also can be used to test pressure for casing at wellsite pipe yard. Test pressure very easy, provided the test pressure tool put in the casing.

Specifications: For 4-1/2″~13-3/8″casing
Remaks: When ordering or requesting quotation, if size other than above specifications, please specify clearly!

Type Connection API Size of Suitable Casing OAL ( mm/inch)
O.D. (mm/inch) Wall Tickness (mm/inch)
SYD104 NC26 114.3(4-1/2) 7.4(19/64) 651(25-5/8)
SYD125 NC31 139.7(5-1/2) 9.2(23/64) 660(26)
SYD128 NC31 197.7(5-1/2) 7.7(5/16) 660(26)
SYD157 NC38 177.8(7) 12.7(1/2) 710(27-61/64)
SYD183 NC38 193.7(7-5/8) 8.3(21/64) 730(28-3/4)
SYD206 NC38 219.1(8-5/8) 8.9(23/64) 751(29-9/16)
SYD222 NC50 244.5(9-5/8) 13.8(35/64) 787(31)
SYD261 NC50 273(10-3/4) 8.9(23/64) 787(31)
SYD320 NC50 339.7(13-3/8) 13.1(1/2) 815(32-5/64)
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