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Single Drum Workover Rig (XJ350)
Single Drum Workover Rig (XJ350) (XJ350)

Product Description

Production technical parameter:

Rating hook load: 600kN
Max hook load :900kN
Servicing Depth: 4000m well depth of 73mm tubing
Workover Depth: 3200m well depth of 73mm drill pipe
2500m well depth of 88.9mm drill pipe
Derrick height : 29m
Traveling system Construction : 4 × 5
Number of effective lines:8
Wire line:6×37SW+FC-26-1770
Drum diameter×width :φ442×945mm
Brake rim diameter×width:φ070×260mm
Hydraulic system
Rating working pressure :14MPa
Pneumatic system: working pressure :0.65~0.8MPa
Model : BY302
Max torque moment ratio:2.4:1
Most efficiency :91%
Traveling block and hook
Max hook load : 900 kN
Number of sheaves:4
Rotary table Model : ZP175
Max load capacity :2600kN
Max torque moment :13kN·m
Open mouth diameter :445mm
Max rotational speed :300r/min
Substructure Height : 2000mm
Max load capacity :900kN
Substructure area:2000mm×3700mm
Swivel :Model :SL80

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