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Steam Reciprocation Pump(2QS)
Steam Reciprocation Pump(2QS) (2QS)

Product Description

Model 2QS pumps are horizontal, double-acting ,duplex steam reciprocating piston pumps .They are mainly used for transporting water liquids physically and chemically similar to water ,or petroleum products. The temperature of liquid handed should not exceed 60℃ .The pumps are mainly used as feed for boilers, for displacing water form mine and for transporting petroleum products

technology parameter :
the ranger of capacity 1.3 --- 170 m3/h

the ranger of discharge press: 1.75 --- 3MPa

the ranger of stroke: 76 --- 500mm
2QS、2QSL pump consists of three main parts; the steam cylinder, the liquid cylinder and the distance piece. The steam cylinder consists of the steam cylinder ,the steam piston rod , the slide valves , the steam chest . The liquid cylinder consists of the liquid cylinder ,liquid cylinders ,brass cylinders , suction valves and discharge valves . The centre support is installed on the top of the connecting(distance piece) ,The long and the short rocker arms are fixed in the centre support, They are connected to the slide valves by connecting rod to complete the steam distribution mechanism.

Meaning of the pumps model:

supply range in complete set:

2、special tools
3、base bol

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