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Two-stage Process Pump (GSJH)
Two-stage Process Pump (GSJH) (GSJH)

Product Description

With the demands of modernization in Chinese petrochemical devices, our manufactory has impo-rted six kinds of technologies of petrochemical process pumps from American BYRON JACKSON PUMP DIVISION (it is abbreviated to B. J. corporation ), which is appropriate for China’s concrete conditions to meet the renewal of equipment centering on energy-saving and develop the products complying with API standard 610. The GSJH process pumps belong to one of this kind of pumps.
The GSJH process pumps are designed for refinement of petroleum, continuous duty pumping various fluids with a combination of metallurgical, mechanical and installation features for applications in petroleum, petrochemical, and indust-rial products service. It is designed for full compliance with the API standard 610 of America Petroleum Institute.
Type GSJH process pumps have the features of high reliability, long service life and high efficiency.

Performance range:
Capacity: Q= 7.5~280 m3/h
Head: H= 80~330m
Temperature: T= -45℃~ +450℃ ( It can be- 196℃ for special demand.)

Type GSJH process pumps are double bearings or between bearings, radial split case, two-stage, single suction, heavy duty centrifugal process pumps.
The GSJH pumps are especially suitable for pumping high temperature, high pressure and inflammable, explosive or toxic fluids. The pump case is centerline mounted in order to equalize thermal expansion and contraction. This reduces alignment problems caused by case movement due to temperature differential between operating and ambient conditions to minimum limit. Pump cases of 4inch and above 4inch discharge nozzle dia. are double volute to balance the redial force of pump. The case is cast with an integral crossover from discharge of the first stage to suction of the second stage impeller and two passages are symetrically distributed.
Pumps are self-venting with the pressurized fluid flow. But bosses are provided at the bottom and top of the pump case volute. If required and specified by purchaser, vent taps can be drilled and tapped for drain holes and plugged with a pipe plug when shipping. All vent and drain connections are ZG 3/4 inch..
The flanges of pump suction and discharge nozzles are designed perpendicularity upwards and are cast integrally with pump case. The flange sized and pressure class conform to the standard of 300 psi of American National Standards Institute (ANSI). According to the difference of working temperature and material category, the max. available pressure of flange can be 5MPa and so forth (about 50kgf/cm2).
In order to have reliability, the cases of GSJH process pumps are made of cast steel. The hydrostatic test is 8.3MPa (about 84kgf/cm2).
Pump cover contains a standard stuffing box jacket which can be furnished with mechanical seal of balanced, bellow of tandem type. Packing can also be fitted on the pump of 3-inch suction diameter. The stuffing box is with an optional water jacked enclosure that is supplied when pumping temperature exceeds 66℃ for water and 150℃ for hydrocarbons or when specified. When the pumped medium need to heat preservation. The inside of water jacket may also used for low pressure steam or other insulated medium which hydrostatic test is 1 MPa (about 10kgf/cm2). In and out water connections (ZG 1/2’) are located at the bottom and top of the cover. In and out steam connections (ZG 1/2’) are located at the top and bottom of the pump cover.
Impeller is integrally cast and statically balanced with the rotor. The impeller is keyed to the shaft. Rotor is supported by double bearings. Renewable casing for both wear rings ensure the wear resistance. The suction nozzles of two impellers are symmetrically mounted to balance axial force. If the rated diameter of pump impeller is less than 12 inches. There is only front wearing on the impeller without back wear ring. The front and back of impeller will equally be fitted with wear rings, rated diameter exceeds 12 inches.
The same size bearing housings are mounted on the two ends of pump. The material of the bearings can be cast iron or cast steel. The bearings are fastened on gearing bracket and fixed with fitting face. One set of radial bearing is back at another end. The bearings are lubricated by oil ring. The No.11 bearing housing is furnished with axial cooling fin for air cooling with optional water or fan cooling. The fan cooling range is 120℃ and below. Among them, the fan cooling is especially suitable for the region of lacking water or poor water quality. This is the unique feature of the GSJH process pumps and get a patent of America. The No.09 bearing housing is not furnished with cooling fin and fan cooling. When working temperature exceed 120℃, water cooling is used.
When fan cooling is used for the bearing of pump, fan will take the place of deflector. When using water cooling for pump bearing. Radial ball gearing is furnished with water jacket enclosure. The two ends of No.11 bearing cover as a safety feature in the event of a bearing failure. The deflector are not only prevent dust and moisture but also avoid oil leak.
A flexible diaphragm spacer coupling is provided for accessibility of service and maintenance of the GSJH process pumps and fitted with pump shaft in taper matching. The spacer permits easy removal of impeller, bearings and packing or seal, etc.

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