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center latch Drill pipe elevator
center latch Drill pipe elevator

Product Description

Drill pipe elevator center latch elevators are center latch elevator with 18 degree taper shoulder, applied in handling the drilling pipe and drilling tools, etc.ZXDrill pipe elevator center latch elevators are conventional center latch taper type elevators for handling drill pipe.

There are 8 types ranging from 100 to750 ton capacity and covering pipe sizes from 2-3/8'' to 6-5/8" OD. A modified G type elevator uses a special wear bushing for use with Top Drive Systems.

Model Size(in) Rated Capacity (short tons) DDZ -100 2.3/8-5 100 DDZ -150 2.3/8-5.1/2 150 DDZ -250 2.3/8-5.1/2 250 DDZ -350 3.1/2-5.7/8 350 DDZ -350TD 3.1/2-5.7/8 350 DDZ -500 3.1/2-6.5/8 500 DDZ -500TD 3.1/2-6.5/8 500 DDZ -750 4-6.5/8 750
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