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Product Description

1. Introduction of Equipment
Calcinator is a sort of high-temperature processing equipment that can treat powder and filter cake-like products, which is also called baking furnace. It can be divided into coal-fired calcinator, gas-fired calcinator, oil-fired calcinator and electrothermal calcinator by energy sources used. By heating methods it can be divided into direct-heated calcinator and indirect-heated calcinator. By operating methods it can be divided into continuous and batch type. Calcinator mainly applies to chemical process of activation, crystal change, oxidation, pyrolysis, reduction, halogenation, sulfating, etc. It’s widely used to process some special materials in petrochemical, inorganic chemical, metallurgy and other industry.
For indirect-heated continuous calcinator, the product is fed through furnace head into furnace shell, there is electronic heating element or combust device in heating furnace, the temperature of furnace hearth is controlled via electronic heating element or combustion device, which ensures the material to be baked under specified temperature. Furnace shell is horizontal or inclined. The material is baked and moves forward while the furnace rotates, the baked product is discharge into next process from outlet. Residence time can be controlled by adjusting rotating speed or shell slope.
Electrothermal calcinator mainly consists of shell, electronic heating system, hearth and control system. Besides atmospheric type, it can also be vacuum type, pressurized type, double cone type and customized according to material requirements.
Gas-fired calcinator mainly consists of shell, burner, hearth, ventilation device and control system. Nature gas, water coal gas, liquid petroleum gas and other gas can be used as fuel. Its advantage is better combustion and high thermal efficiency. Meanwhile, burn process can be easily controlled and cause less contamination compared with solid and liquid fuels.
2. Feature of Electrothermal calcinator
★ Well sealed, high-automatized
★ Automatic temperature control for each segments
★ Safety and reliable heating system
★ Insulation furnace temperature below 50℃, less heat loss
★ Compact construction, small volume, light weigh
★ High efficiency, save energy, no contamination
★ Simple operation, convenient maintenance, well operating environment
★ Simple auxiliary equipment, easy for maintenance
★ Operating temperature up to 400℃~1000℃
3. Feature of Combustion gas calcinator
★ Well sealed, less material and heat waste
★ Abundant gas combusted, high thermal efficiency
★ Automated temperature control, segmental control
★ The protection system of suddenly loss electricity
★ Well insulation, less heating waste
★ Safety, reliable combustion control system
★ Compact construction, small volume, light weigh, easy install
★ Less contamination compare with using solid and liquid material
★ Operate temperature up to 400℃~900℃

specification (mm) (nominal diameter×shell length) rate r/min type
DN150~300×5000 0.5-5.0 Electrothermal rotary cylinder
DN400~500×6000 0.5-4.5 Electrothermal rotary cylinder
DN600~800×10000 0.5-4.0 Electrothermal/ combustion gas rotary cylinder
DN900~1000×16000 0.5-2.5 Electrothermal/ combustion gas rotary cylinder
DN1100~1300×25000 0.5-2.0 Electrothermal/ combustion gas rotary cylinder
DN1400~1500×25000 0.5-2.0 Electrothermal/ combustion gas rotary cylinder
DN1600~1800×25000 0.5-2.0 Electrothermal/ combustion gas rotary cylinder
DN2000~2300×24000 0.5-2.0 Electrothermal/ combustion gas rotary cylinder
DN1500~2000,1m3~3m3 0.5-5.0 Double cone rotary
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