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  • Substructure 2014-08-12
  • Design features of SubstructureThe types of Substructure are divided into four kinds as slingshot (dually raised- type), swing up, block package and box-on-box.Structural features of slingshot Substructure1.The drill floor and the equipments on it can be installed at low position; and the mast is er...
  • Shaanxi Siquan Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd Shaanxi Province,China Manufacturers
Substructures for Drilling and Workover Equipment
  • Substructures for Drilling and Workover Equipment 2011-09-13
  • Substructures for Drilling and Workover EquipmentThe Substructures for truck-mounted drilling rigs, trailer-mounted drilling rigs, workover rigs, including simple type, integral type, telescoping type, folding type and trailer type, can suit different equipment and heights. It has the advantages of ...
  • vip member SJ Petroleum Machinery Co. Hubei Province,China Manufacturers
  • Substructure 2010-02-20
  • Main Features The Substructure is classified i nto box on box type, block-combination type, slingshot type, swing up type and telescoping type. The Substructure of box on box type or block-combination type, has a relative higher clearance at front platform, satisfies the installation requirement of...
  • Honghua Co., Ltd Sichuan Province,China Manufacturers
  • Substructures 2010-01-09
  • ● base structure pry-type trailers, vehicles mounted, trailer-type, box block, twin-lift and spin and so on. ● box structure of the front block a higher base to meet the installation standards group BOP requirements; background lower base for the installation of heavier main winch and drive units, d...
  • BaoJi Jinzuan Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd. Shaanxi Province,China Manufacturers

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