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ZJ70/4500D  skid-mounted drilling rig
  • ZJ70/4500D Skid-mounted Drilling Rig 2015-03-02
  • A Hoisting equipment A1 Drawwork A.1.1 Model JC70D,Elec-driving set 1 Capacity 4500KN,12 ropes Input power 2,000 HP A.1.2 Inverter-fed motor YJ31 2A.1.3 Hydraulic disk brake Equipped with hydraulic power device. 1 Brake cooling system 1A.1.4 Cathead YM-16,equipped with make-up and cable ...
  • Beijing Dongshun Bowang Petro-Machinery Co., Ltd BeiJing Province,China Manufacturers
ZJ20K skid-mounted drilling rigs
ZJ10DB skid-mounted drilling rigs

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