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Valve Seat ring, metal ring
  • Valve Seat ring, Metal Ring 2014-11-19
  • Nominal Size: DN1"-48"(DN25-1200)Pressure Rating: ANSI 150-2500(PN16-420)Base Material:-Ferrite Steel: ASTM A105,A105N; A350 LF2-Austenitic Steel: A182 F304,F304L,F316,F316L,F317,F317L,F321 -Duplex, Super Steel: A182 F51/F53/F55/F60-Martensite Steel: A182 F...
  • AEA VALVE Zhejiang Province,China Manufacturers
Metal Ring
Metal Ring-P
Metal Ring-C:
Metal ring mat series
  • Metal Ring mat series 2010-08-16
  • Machining from a variety of materials made of metal . Application: For high temperature , high pressure and corrosion of pressure vessels , valves, seals and other parts of the cylinder head .
  • BURGMANN SEALING MATERIALS CO.,LTD.CIXI Zhejiang Province,China Manufacturers
Spiral Wound Gasket Metal Ring Winding Machine
  • Spiral Wound Gasket Metal Ring Winding Machine 2010-08-15
  • Spiral Wound Gasket Metal Ring Winding Machine Antileak Sealing Machine including:Antileak TE 09101 Sealing Packing Braiding MachineAntileak TE 09102 Spiral Wound Gasket Strip Winding MachineAntileak TE 09103 Spiral Wound Gasket Metal Ring Winding MachineAntileak TE 09104 Metal Ring Grooving Machine...
  • Antileak Seal Ltd., Amoy Fujian Province,China Manufacturers
Metal Ring Gasket
Metal Ringlike Gasket
  • Metal Ringlike Gasket 2009-10-30
  • Main products: Type 855 elliptic gasket, Type 856 metal octagonal gasket,etc.This series of gaskets , which are used for sealing the places of high pressure vessel,towers,troughs and cover of valves,etc.,are produced by mechanical processing the whole metal.
  • QINGDAO PRIMIX SEAL MATERIAL CO.,LTD Shandong Province,China Manufacturers
Metal Ring Grooving Machine (GYJ-2004)
Metal Ring Gaskets
Metal Ring Rolling Machine (GYJ-2003)
Metal ring notch millining machine
  • Metal Ring notch millining machine 2009-08-09
  • Detailed Product Description Metal ring notch millining machineMain technical parameters:1.Input power:1.5kw2.Linear velocity:3500mm/min3.Working range:inner diameterΦ 200mm~Φ2500mm4.Applications:outer metal ring notch milling for spiral wound gaskets
  • Ningbo Jinshan Sealing Machinery Co., Ltd Zhejiang Province,China Manufacturers
Non-ferrous Metal Ring
Metal Ring Cushion
  • Metal Ring Cushion 2009-04-02
  • Quoted standard HGJ74-91 JB/T89-94 JB/T79 JB/T82 SH 3403-96 GB 9128.2-88 Metal ring cushion metal ring cushion is used as a seal component for flange connection in the shape of octagon,oval,lentiform,doublecone and sectional octagon,It is mainly usQuoted standard HGJ74-91 JB/T89-94 JB/T79 J...
  • DongHai Peitrochemical Facilities Manufactory Zhejiang Province,China Manufacturers

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