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RF Singnal Meter
  • RF Singnal Meter 2015-04-25
  • Feature::1.High Sensitivity,easy to read2.Continuously indicating the level of all kinds of liquid,such as high temperature liquid,high pressure,corrosion,and flammable and combustible liquids3.Easy to read,just see the red line seem as thermometer.4.Wide measuring range without blind spots in the w...
  • Xian Shengren Electromechanical Technology Co.,Ltd Shaanxi Province,China Manufacturers
Level controller tuning fork
  • Level Controller tuning fork 2012-10-24
  • Tuning Fork Level Controller is a new type of level switch. It is designed using the principle of vibration of a tuning fork made. It is the tuning fork level switch of the sensor bar stand, stick a tuning fork driven by piezoelectric substrate, and received by another piezoelectric vibration signal...
  • Beijing will reach Top Technology Development Co.,... BeiJing Province,China Manufacturers
Material Level Controller
  • Material Level Controller 2010-07-21
  • It controls the startup and shutdown of the screw pump by monitoring the liquid or material level in the liquid tank or hopper so as to prevent running without medium, ensure safe running and avoid reactive power consumption.
  • Hangzhou Xinglong Pump Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Province,China Manufacturers
Electric Contacting Liquid-level Controller
  • Electric Contacting Liquid-Level Controller 2010-03-01
  • Type UDK electric contacting liquid-level controller is used to control the liquid level of the conductive media and the corrosive media in the various tanks, closed vessels or pipes in industrial production, when the level reaches max. or min. positions, the alarm signal and auto-control signal wil...
  • Kaifeng Instrument Co., Ltd Henan Province,China Manufacturers
Ball float level controller
  • Ball float Level Controller 2010-02-28
  • This controller mainly used for the water pump controlling in the tap water tower of high building, levels autoalerting and control like sewage level in flood prevention station and sewage treatment station, and level in various acid and alkali tank, the liquid level in oil depot. It has an advantag...
  • chongqing dyon co.,ltd Chongqing Province,China Manufacturers
Floating-ball Level Controller(UQK(S) series )
  • Floating-ball Level Controller(UQK(S) series ) 2009-11-12
  • summary: Widely used for open container to measure level. It adds self-tesing function ---self-tesing floater level controller to ensure safety operation.parameter:pressure:4.0 MPa(standard)temperature:-20~120℃medium density:≥0.6g/cm3connecting capacity:220V AC/DC 1Amaterial:connecting level 3...
  • Liaoyang Keao Instruments Co,. Ltd. Liaoning Province,China Manufacturers
Manual Self-Checking Floats (float) Level Controller
  • Manual Self-Checking Floats (float) Level Controll... 2009-10-19
  • UQK (S) -600 series (manual self-checking) floats (float) level controller is the introduction of foreign advanced product development and design on the basis of the current domestic similar products, reasonable structure, high reliability of the new generation Digital controller. Controller of the ...
  • vip member Zhejiang Lianda Instrument Co.,Ltd Zhejiang Province,China Manufacturers
Ball Float Liquid Level Controller UQK(S)-100
Level Meter - UHS-KG series of magnetic liquid level controller
  • Level Meter - UHS-KG series of magnetic liquid lev... 2009-08-25
  • The UHS-KG series magnetism liquid controller outputs the switch signal of liquid.Product with correspond of the external circuit match with, can used for petroleum, chemical engineering, spin and weave, print to dye, environmental protection, public building etc. various Chang or closeness containe...
  • Hengsheng Instrument Co., Ltd Jiangsu Province,China Manufacturers
Radio Frenquency Admiltance Level Controller(LCS—1 series)
Level Meter - UQK series magnetic float Level Controller
  • Level Meter - UQK series magnetic float Level Cont... 2009-06-25
  • The UQK series floats a ball type a liquid to press controller to be applicable to various Chang within industrial production line or is subjected to a liquid of press the container control and be a liquid to rise to the Gao limit or descend to low limit, the controller switch action erupts to repor...
  • Hengsheng Instrument Co., Ltd Jiangsu Province,China Manufacturers

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