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  • NON-ASBESTOS Gaskets 2016-03-15
  • Non-asbestos Gasket is a sealing material made by adding special adhesives and a little packing into it, then roll and sulfurated .Non-asbestos Gasket is a replacement of asbestos gasket. Non-asbestos Gasket has better strength, elasticity.Non-asbestos Gasket has supper strong anti-penetrate perform...
  • CIXI ZONDE SEALING & GASKET CO.,LTD. Zhejiang Province,China Manufacturers
  • ASBESTOS Gaskets 2016-03-15
  • Asbestos gasket can be used for most medium specification applications.Asbestos gasket for medium pressures:asbestos gasket can be used for sealing against steam,air, gases, water, oils, hydraulics and non-aggressive media. Asbestos gasket can also be used for high pressures.Asbestos gasket is used ...
  • CIXI ZONDE SEALING & GASKET CO.,LTD. Zhejiang Province,China Manufacturers
  • PTFE Gaskets 2016-03-15
  • PTFE gasket is made by cutting PTFE stick, pipe and sheet into flat shape PTFE gasket, v shape PTFE gasket or valve annulus PTFE gasket.PTFE gasket has 100% PTFE structure. PTFE gasket can bear the most bitter chemical medium, and PTFE gasket has good anti-creeping performance.PTFE gasket is a repla...
  • CIXI ZONDE SEALING & GASKET CO.,LTD. Zhejiang Province,China Manufacturers
Spiral Wound Gaskets
  • Spiral Wound Gaskets 2016-03-15
  • Spiral Wound Gaskets can be used to seal fluid pressure up to 250 bar cryoprnices temperature as low as -200C and up to elevated temperature of 1000C. Spiral Wound Gaskets are widely used in the oil, gas, petrochemical process and engineering industries.The spiral wound Gaskets is made up of winding...
  • CIXI ZONDE SEALING & GASKET CO.,LTD. Zhejiang Province,China Manufacturers
  • CORRUGATED Gaskets 2016-03-15
  • Corrugated Gaskets has a corrugated metal core normally stainless steel or carbon steel.And some of Corrugated Gaskets has expanded graphite facings. Corrugated Gaskets can be punched Eyelet.Corrugated Gaskets can also coated Anti-stick upon request.Corrugated Gaskets is new style Gaskets with a wid...
  • CIXI ZONDE SEALING & GASKET CO.,LTD. Zhejiang Province,China Manufacturers
Corrugated Gaskets
  • Corrugated Gaskets 2013-10-30
  • The corrugated metal Gaskets have been proven to be both reliable and cost effective for the application on flanges and heads where boat loading is sufficient.Corrugated metal is covered with graphite, ceramic or PTFE layer. An additional finishing layer is applied depending on the requirements of t...
  • Ningbo Sunwell Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd_Sales Dep... Zhejiang Province,China Manufacturers
gaskets and washers
  • Gaskets and washers 2013-05-13
  • 1 Gaskets and washers2 ISO 9001 and RoHs compiant3 OEM and customer design are welcomed4 all kinds of material and surface treatment are viable5 high quality and competitive priceProfessional and precision manufactuer with high quality and competitive priceSurface treatment/ finish: anodize/alodine/...
  • AFI Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd Guangdong Province,China Manufacturers
Closed cell silicone sponge gaskets/Sealing Ring/Sheet
Serrated Metal Gaskets
  • Serrated Metal Gaskets 2012-11-10
  • Serrated Metal Gaskets varying with metals, are applied to maximum temperature of 600℃ and pressure range of 6.3-16.0Mpa, for flange connections of high temperature and pressure steam pipelines, heat exchangers and steam pressure vessels and valve caps. The production can be arranged as per requeste...
  • Jilin Xingyun Chemical Co.,Ltd. Jilin Province,China Manufacturers
Non-metal Gaskets and Flexible Graphite Composite Gaskets
  • Non-metal Gaskets and Flexible Graphite Composite ... 2012-11-10
  • Non-metal Gaskets are normally made of asbestos rubber plate, PTFE polyethylene plate, flexible graphite plate, non-asbestos plate and rubber plate etc., with characteristics of low cost and easy fabrication.Flexible Graphite Composite Gaskets are made of metal sheet laminated each side with flexibl...
  • Jilin Xingyun Chemical Co.,Ltd. Jilin Province,China Manufacturers
Ring-Type Metal Gaskets
  • Ring-Type Metal Gaskets 2012-11-10
  • Ring-Type Metal Gaskets, depending on properties of different metals, are applied to maximum temperature of 600℃, of which oval and octonal types are up to the pressure of 70Mpa under non-self tightening conditions and 140Mpa under self tightening conditions. For lens Gaskets, the maximum applying p...
  • Jilin Xingyun Chemical Co.,Ltd. Jilin Province,China Manufacturers
Tetron PTFE Envelope Gaskets
  • Tetron PTFE Envelope Gaskets 2012-09-28
  • Tetron PTFE Envelope Gaskets Gaskets are an integral part of piping systems and their fittings. In corrosive environments the reliability of Gaskets is of utmost importance, where gasket failure can have detrimental effects leading to system failure. Tetron S, which is Dotmar's trade name for virgin...
  • Ningbo TianYi Chemical Industrial(T.C.I) Co., ltd Zhejiang Province,China Manufacturers
Graphite Ribbon Gaskets
  • Graphite Ribbon Gaskets 2012-01-05
  • Features: Nickel wire Enhanced graphite gasket graphite woven ribbon, for a rectangular cross-section with a gum strip gasket flange. Effective in preventing leakage of high temperature and electrochemical corrosion of stainless steel flange. Applications: for the heat exchanger, boiler, pipes and c...
  • Carol Enterprise Co. Ltd Guangdong Province,China Manufacturers
API BX151 gaskets 06
API RX gaskets 02
API BX151 gaskets
Graphite gaskets
  • Graphite Gaskets 2010-08-19
  • PTFE graphite Gaskets (the F4 graphite composite mat), based on PTFE and high-quality synthetic graphite as the substrate, special production process of composite material made of a new seal. It combines excellent PTFE and graphite respective properties, to make products that have excellent resistan...
  • Jiangsu Sanxin Sealing Products Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Province,China Manufacturers
Metal jacketed gaskets
  • Metal jacketed Gaskets 2010-08-18
  • Metal jacketed Gaskets are manufactured by metallic outer shell,inner filler with the flexible graphite, ceramic fiber, asbestos and non-asbestos sheets,are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations.They are widely used for heat exchanges,pumps,valves,gas pipes,cast iron flange and oth...
  • Wenzhou Yiyu Sealing Material Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Province,China Manufacturers
Spiral wound gaskets
  • Spiral wound Gaskets 2010-08-18
  • Spiral wound Gaskets are made of v-shaped or w-shaped metallicstrip hold the filler,to fasten the metallic strip,both its stard point and end point are tack welded,its can be reinforced by an outer centering ring and/or inner retaining ring,wide rang of applicable working condition,high temperatu...
  • Wenzhou Yiyu Sealing Material Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Province,China Manufacturers
PTFE envelope gaskets

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