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Bottle drying machine
  • Bottle Drying Machine 2015-07-07
  • Machine characteristics:Air is through the filter into high pressure blower, and then through the pipe into the wind knife.Finally it becomes a strong breeze belt in the wind knife edge, using strong breeze blown to dry the water on the wall of the bottle from different directions. This equipment is...
  • Gongda Machine Co., Ltd. Shandong Shandong Province,China Manufacturers
Pressure spray drying machine
  • Pressure spray Drying Machine 2012-10-29
  • The principle and features:This machine is the hydraulic material into the nozzle at the top of the tower spray tiny droplets into the same parallel to the top of the tower to complete the drying air. The machine has a dust collection rate, non-sticky wall, energy saving and high efficiency, especia...
  • Nuodun Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd Henan Province,China Manufacturers
Vacuum belt drying machine
  • Vacuum belt Drying Machine 2012-10-26
  • Wide:Usage:It is widely used in the Chinese medicine extract ointment, antibiotics, vitamins, active and milk powder, tea powder food additive etc;Components:Equipments’ components:Stainless steel body, conveyor belt, feeding and material distributing system, heating and cooling system, discharging ...
  • Wenzhou Taikang Evaporator Co., Ltd Zhejiang Province,China Manufacturers
Gas drying machine,Gas drying machine price,China Gas drying machine,dryer
Industrial drying machine,China Industrial drying machine,Industrial drying machine supplier,dryer
Leather drying machine,Leather drying machine price,China Leather drying machine,drying machine
Clothes drying machine,Clothes drying machine price,China Clothes drying machine,drying machine
Wood drying machine,Wood drying machine price,China Wood drying machine,China Wood drying machine
XZG rotary flash vaporiztion drying machine
  • XZG rotary flash vaporiztion Drying Machine 2010-08-31
  • Rotary Flash Vaporization Drying Machine,a new type practical patent product, is developed and designed by our company by digesting and absorbing foreign advanced drying technology,combining considering actual situation of internal drying. As a typical example of fluid drying,the machine not only ...
  • Wuxi City Sunlight Drier Factory Hubei Province,China Manufacturers
YLQ series vibration fluidized-bed drying machine
ZG type pipe bundle drying machine
  • ZG type pipe bundle Drying Machine 2010-08-03
  • GZG drieris a indirect contact drier.Lts structure is the fixed shell with the built-in rotational heating tube bundle with material shovel.the steam enters the inside of tube and pass the heat through the rotational connecton and becomes the condensing water then discharges.the moisture in material...
  • Yixing Grand Drying & Concentrating Equipment ... Jiangsu Province,China Manufacturers
Pressure-Spray Granulating And Drying Machines (LDZ series)
Flat Flow Spray-Granulating And Drying Machine (LPZ Series)
High-Speed Centrifugal Spray Drying Machines (LGZ series)
Multi-Functions Filtering, Washing , Drying (three in one)Machine (GXG)
  • Multi-Functions Filtering, Washing , Drying (three... 2009-03-09
  • GXG series multi-functions filtering washing drying (three in one) machine is a solid-liquid equipment with the functions of filtration washing mixing ; reaction and residue discharging automatically It is widely used in chemical pesticide . petroleum foodstuff , printingpharmaceutical industries an...
  • Juneng group Jiangsu Province,China Manufacturers
Horizontal Screw Band Mixing, Drying Machine (XG series WL)

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