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CHYDX-5C core drill rig
  • CHYDX-5C core drill rig 2011-11-30
  • No. Items Specifications 1 Diesel Engine Model Kummins,6BT5.9-C180 2 Power 132 Kw 3 RPM 2200 rpm 4 Drilling Capacity BQ 1500 m 5 NQ 1200 m 6 HQ 1000 m 7 PQ 700 m 8 Power of Rotator Rated Speed Two-speed Gear Shift/Stepless Speed Change 0-1100rpm 9 Max Torque 4600 NM 10 Hole Diameter 121 mm 11 Max. L...
  • Chemshine Group Fujian Province,China Manufacturers
MGY-120 Crawler anchor drilling rig
  • MGY-120 Crawler anchor drilling rig 2011-11-30
  • ApplicationsMainly used in drilling soil and rock anchoring hole for prevention and treatment of geology disaster screen injection for tunnel, also suitable for supporting in deep foundation pit of hydroelectric powerstation, communication, energy capital construction, mini-grouting pile hole, hydro...
  • Chemshine Group Fujian Province,China Manufacturers
CGSD-III Truck-Mounted Drilling Rig
  • CGSD-III Truck-Mounted Drilling Rig 2011-11-30
  • ApplicationsIt is used for investigation, geological exploration, building construction, highway, bridge and dam etc.Features1 Mechanical power head, long feeding stroke.2 Suitable for vatious of technology such as pump suction of forward and reverse circulation and air DTH hammer drilling.3 Novel c...
  • Chemshine Group Fujian Province,China Manufacturers
Drill Machine (HZ-150YY)
Drill Machine (HZ-130Y)
Drill Machine (HZ-100Y)
Drill Machine (HZ-1500Y)
  • Drill Machine (HZ-1500Y) 2009-05-02
  • Main Features High rotational speed of spindle and wide range of apeed. It posse reverse rotation.Built-in hydraulic brake. Smooth and even lowering of drill string.simple operation,lasting service life of brake bands.With its wide base frame and low center of gravity, the drill stability is ensured...
  • Shandong Julong Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd Shandong Province,China Manufacturers

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