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SD Series Three Column Pocket Top Discharge Centrifuge
SSC Series Three Column Top Discharging Sedimenting Centrifuges
SB Series Three Column Top Discharging Centrifuges
SS Series Threee Column Top Discharging Centrifuges
SX-type under the three-column Simple Centrifuge
SB/SS Three Column Top Discharging Centrifuges
  • SB/SS Three Column Top Discharging Centrifuges 2012-10-09
  • Features:1. Well-designed structure leaves no place depositing dusts and makes the machine clean easily. The modules are designed smoothly and polished on the surface. The case, fixing parts and drums are made of stainless steel. With hinged enclosure cover, it is easy to clean the gap between the c...
  • Jiangsu Huada Centrifugal Machine Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Province,China Manufacturers
Graphite Quencher, Column, Evaporator, Reactor
YZG/FZG Series Column & Rectangular Vacuum Drier
Column Internal
  • Column Internal 2010-08-27
  • Proper design and type selection of internals for packed tower, such as liquid distributors, collectors, packing supports etc. are essential for packing performance. The internals have been developed in Zehua extensive test facility and used in commercial applications for many years. Zehua has decad...
  • Beijing Zehua Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. BeiJing Province,China Manufacturers
UHC series of turned column Magnetic Level Gauge
Three-column Bottom Discharge Auto Centrifuge(SGZ Series)
Exhaust Lavation Column
Methane-chlorination Project Columns
Atmospheric Absorption column
Heat Column
Project Columns (PTA)
Column Internals
  • Column Internals 2009-10-01
  • Liquid Distributing Device Orifice Trough Liquid Distributor High-performance Liquid Distributor (Pat. No. ZL98207197.3) Provides uniform liquid distribution Lower gas flow resistance Avoid liquid entrainment Excellent resistance to plugging High flexibility Distributing Device St...
  • Beijing Zehua Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd BeiJing Province,China Manufacturers
Column Condenser
HK-1017 Precision adsorption column cleanser
Column Trays
  • Column Trays 2009-06-08
  • A Tray with Antirotating Round Hole(Pat. No. ZL99244764.X)The new designed tray can prevent the valve rotation like the V1 valve, and avoid valve off from the tray caused by wearing. A Tray with Bubbling Promoter (Pat. No. 99244765.8)The position of the bubble hole is higher than the tray. ...
  • Beijing Zehua Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd BeiJing Province,China Manufacturers

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