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Casing Slips
TDC Casing Slip-loc Head (CDWC)
Casing Slip
  • Casing Slip 2012-06-12
  • Drill Collar Slips can accommodate drill collarFrom 41/2inch(114.3mm) to 111/4 inch(285.8mm) O. DCasing Slips can accommodate casing from 65/8 to 30 inch(168.3-762mm) O. D.
  • vip member Zhuhai Heinford Lubricants&Chemicals Co.,Ltd Guangdong Province,China Manufacturers
Casing Slips (CMS)
  • Casing Slips (CMS) 2011-10-11
  • CMS-XL CASING SLIPS All Casing Slips are made up of body segments of the same sizes linked up by Hinge Pins. Adding or reducing body segments and changing button inserts according to the specification can suit different sizes of casing pipes. The button inserts can be used in both Casing Slips and D...
  • Xi an Qin-sen technology Co.,Ltd Shaanxi Province,China Manufacturers
Casing Slip
Casing Slips
Casing Slip-Loc Heads WD Casing Hanger
Casing Slips
Casing Slips
Casing Slip-Loc Head (TDC)
  • Casing Slip-Loc Head (TDC) 2009-07-23
  • Xinde Casing Slip-Loc Head eliminates post heating, save time and quick to install. It can be moved from well to well when exploratory drilling, eliminating extra transportation and repair charges associated with conventional weld-on heads. Installation is simple: cut the casing in one of ...
  • Yancheng City Xinde Petroleum Machinery Plant Jiangsu Province,China Manufacturers

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