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  • Super High Intensity Fiber Pumping Rod
  • Sucker Rod
  • Sucker Rod
  • Continuous Sucker Rod
Sucker Rod
  • Sucker Rod 2012-06-04
  • API Spec 11B 5/8"(15.88), 3/4"(19.05), 7/8"(22.23),and 1"(25.40) sucker rod grade C,D,H,K,KD. Both 25ft and 30ft LengthThe sucker rod is a steel rod that used to make up the mechanical assembly between the surface and downhole com...
  • vip member Zhuhai Heinford Lubricants&Chemicals Co.,Ltd Guangdong Province,China
Sinker bar
  • Sinker bar 2015-10-28
  • Sinker barStandard: API 11BSize: 1-1/4", 1-3/8", 1-1/2", 1-5/8", 1-3/4"Length: 25 feet(7.6m), 30 feet(9.1m)Grade: C(class 1), K( class 2), D(class 3)Material: Carbon steel, Alloy steelPackage: Standard export packagePayment: ...
  • Wuxi Oilfield Equipment and Tools Group Co., Ltd Jiangsu Province,China
API Polished Rod/Sprayed Polished Rod
Sucker rod and pony rod
PVC Dot Cotton Working Glove
  • PVC Dot Cotton Working Glove 2015-10-06
  • Sofar International are manufacturing the wide range of cotton working glove, pvc dotted working glove, drill glove, terry mitten, canvas bib apron and promotional items since 1998.For more details about us please visit our website: www.sofarint.comb...
  • sofar international Punjab Province,China
Sucker Rod
  • Sucker Rod 2012-10-10
  • Brief IntroductionThe sucker rod, an essential part in the rod production system, is used to connect the pumping unit on the ground and the oil well pump down in the well.Products comply with Specifications of Sucker Rods (API Spec 11B) and other rel...
  • Lake Petroleum Technology Co., LTD Shandong Province,China
Sucker rod
  • Sucker rod 2012-10-08
  • Our sucker rods are manufactured from hot rolled alloy steel bars like AISI 4142, AISI4XX, Chrome-Moly Alloy (20CrMo or 30CrMo) . Bar and sucker rod dimensions and tolerances conform to API Spec 11B, latest edition. All bars are straightened and Eddy...
  • Dynoland Industrial Supply Co.,Ltd BeiJing Province,China
sucker rod
  • sucker rod 2012-02-21
  • Our conventional sucker rods are API monogrammed.Grade C sucker rod: Moderate strength, not susceptible to sulfide stress cracking, suitable in sour medium.Grade D sucker rod: Made of quality heat treated steel alloy, with high tensile and yield stre...
  • TECH-FLEX HONGKONG LIMITED Shandong Province,China
Special Sucker Rod
  • Special Sucker Rod 2011-08-29
  • Product Description As the PC pump had the requirement of higher torque, we developed a patented drive (hollow) sucker rod with higher torque resistibility which can bear the torque up to 7,500Nm. At same time we manufacture the related tools, coupli...
  • vip member Shengli Oilfield Highland Petroleum Equipment Co.,... Shandong Province,China
Hollow Sucker Rod
  • Hollow Sucker Rod 2011-08-29
  • Product Description Hollow sucker rod has hole in the middle and has the characters: chemicals and hot oil can be injected through the inner hole to decrease the viscosity of the oil and the paraffin deposit in the well thus the pump efficiency is in...
  • vip member Shengli Oilfield Highland Petroleum Equipment Co.,... Shandong Province,China
Ordinary Sucker Rod
Continuous Sucker Rod
  • Continuous Sucker Rod 2011-08-29
  • Product Description Continuous sucker rod is a kind of steel sucker rod with semi-elliptical and round section manufactured with high quality alloy steel and advanced technology. It has high strength, high flexibility and better weldability while the...
  • vip member Shengli Oilfield Highland Petroleum Equipment Co.,... Shandong Province,China
Sucker rod
  • Sucker rod 2010-07-28
  • The suck rods we offer induding K、D、H grade sucker rod, pony rod. normal&combination rod coupling, 1 1 1.“、1'/, heavy rod&polished rod which conform to API standardThe products conform to SY/T5029-2003( Sucker Rod), SY/T6272-1997(Super High Strength ...
  • Zhengzhou City Unites Steel Industrial Co., Ltd. Henan Province,China
Anti-Eccentric Wear Of Pumping Rod
Outer Coating Antiseptic Pumping Rod
Super High Intensity Fiber Pumping Rod
Anti-corrosive Sucker Rods
Anti-eccentrically-wear Sucker Rods
Drive PC Pump Special Rods
Hollow Sucker Rods
  • Hollow Sucker Rods 2010-07-20
  • “Shenggong band” hollow sucker rods produced by our company have the stable quality and excellent performance.The products can be used to improve physical property in well bore and increase the pumping efficiency through reducing the viscosity of oil...
  • Shengli Oilfield Freet Petroleum Equipment Co., Lt... Shandong Province,China
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