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Steam Heating Stainless Steel Reacting Furnace
Double stage gas generator
  • Double stage gas generator 2009-12-28
  • Two gas furnace is a natural atmospheric pressure moving bed gas furnace, but also by the weak bond of massive coal as raw material for production of gas, two gas heaters in the upper furnace adds a dry distillation of coal, will enter a coal furnace...
  • YuJiang Enterprise Co., Ltd Shandong Province,China
Graphite HCL synthesis furnace
Single stage gas generator
  • Single stage gas generator 2009-02-03
  • This is the first gas furnace development of the gasification method. Since the adoption of thermal gasification process, the pressure is moving a bed gasification technology. Raw materials from the top row to join coal, gasification of air and steam...
  • YuJiang Enterprise Co., Ltd Shandong Province,China
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