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  •  Plate and Frame Filter Press
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Linear/ellipse motion shale shaker
  • Linear/ellipse motion shale shaker 2015-12-23
  • Drilling fluid is classified as water base utilizing water as the liquid phase. The solid phase of any drilling fluid is either commercial solids or drilled solids. Most commercial solids such as bentonite have a relative particle size of less than o...
  • Tangshan Dachuan Machinery Co.,ltd. Hebei Province,China
Chamber Filter Press
  • Chamber Filter Press 2012-10-04
  • 1.ISO9001:20082.offer operation videos,clients list etc3.popular in russia,india,asia1.OverviewFilter press canbe devided into “recessed plate filter press” and “plate and frame filter press”which are used for solid – liquid separation of various ses...
  • Zhengzhou Black Stone Machinery Co., Ltd Henan Province,China
DY belt filter
  • DY belt filter 2012-10-04
  • Overview:DY series of belt press filter is the national research institutes with the introduction of foreigh advanced technologies based on the successful development of new models, widely used in urban waste water treatment, chemical, oil refining, ...
  • Zhengzhou Black Stone Machinery Co., Ltd Henan Province,China
efficiency medium bag filter
V-type hepa filter
  • V-type hepa filter 2011-06-07
  • Specification: 1.Type: combined fiberglass filter 2.Frame: galvanized steel frame, aluminium frame, plastic frame3.Separator: hot melt adhesive4.Medium: PP filter paper,glass fiber filter paper .fiberglass5.Average arrestance: 85%-99.99% Features:l...
  • Dongguan Youjie Antistatic Purification Technology... Guangdong Province,China
Clean room FFU
  • Clean room FFU 2011-06-07
  • clean room FFU Specification: 1.Type: Fan filter Unit (FFU)2.Frame: SUS201 stainless steel/copper plate3. Average arrestance: HEPA 0.3 micron above 99.999%4. governor control: with adjustable air flow speed5. voltage/current: 220V/50Hz 6. efficient o...
  • Dongguan Youjie Antistatic Purification Technology... Guangdong Province,China
industry Mini hepa filter
high temperature hepa filter
Replacement cartridge filter for Amano
Painting room cartridge filter
Cartridge Filter for steel plate pre-processing
Cartridge filter for cement industry
Replace Nodic cartridge filter
DA1 air bag filters
  • DA1 air bag filters 2010-07-30
  • Bag filters are air quality polypropylene fibers or glass fiber filter as a filtration medium, a metal frame, two kinds of aluminum alloy. Features: * Small resistance, wind capacity. * Tolerance large quantity of dust, long life. * Simple structure,...
  • Zhangjiagang City Yongjia purification equipment L... Jiangsu Province,China
Air filters (KLQ series)
BAN plate air filters
modular partitions without efficient air filters (YWGB-2 Series)
High efficiency and without air filter separator (YGB, YWGB-1 series)
Clapboard efficient air filters (GB-1 series)
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