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YGL series of organic heat transfer material heater
HTS(150-350) Series Heat Transfer System
HTS(350-750) Series Heat Transfer System
HTS(60-150) Series Heat Transfer System
HTS(5-60)-I Series Heat Transfer System
HTS(5-90)-VI Series Heat Transfer System
HTS(5-60) Series Heat Transfer System
Triple heat exchanger
  • Triple heat exchanger 2012-10-12
  • Triple heat exchanger manufactured for Shandong Yuhuang Chemical CO., LTD for its 0.2 million tons styrene project in Heze, Shandong ProvinceHeat Exchangersize:DN36002810494.3 material:304H/304HⅡ/304HⅢ
  • Zhangjiagang Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd Jiangsu Province,China
Graphite Quencher, Column, Evaporator, Reactor
Graphite Sulfuric Acid Dilution Plant, Cooler, Unit, System
Graphite Absorber, Gas Scrubber
Compact Graphite Heat Exchanger
Other Graphite Heat Exchanger
Cubic Block Graphite Heat Exchanger
Shell and Tube Graphite Heat Exchanger
Block Graphite Heat Exchanger
spiral heat exchanger
  • spiral heat exchanger 2011-12-12
  • Structure and features:1. This equipment is made by two steel rolling, forming two uniform channels for counter-current flowing of two medium, so greatly enhances the effect of heat transfer.2. The connection pipe on shell with tangential structure a...
  • Wuxi Dingfeng Pressure Vessel Co.,Ltd. Jiangsu Province,China
glass heater
  • glass heater 2011-08-13
  • glass heatersglass heaters are generally available in tow major categories; Coil type and Shell & Tube type. Like any other Heat Exchangers, they can be used for variety of Shell & Tube type. Like any other Heat Exchangers, they can be used ...
  • Changshu Deschem Chemical Glassware Factory Jiangsu Province,China
air heat exchanger
  • air heat exchanger 2011-07-04
  • 1.air heat exchanger for stenter2.tubematerial:carbon steel GB81633.fin material:A10804.fin type:extruded5.work pressure:3.0MPa6.work temperature:300C7.connector:flange8.frame:carbon steel9.surface treatment:spayed with high temperature silver power1...
  • Guangzhou Gele Heat Energy Equipment Manufacturing... Guangdong Province,China
heat exchanger /radiator for leather drying
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