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  • Drill Pipe Air Slips (JSQW)
Water Well Drilling TCI Tricone Drill Bit
  • Water Well Drilling TCI Tricone Drill Bit 2017-07-31
  • Water well drilling TCI Tricone Bit Tricone bit is Widely used in borehole water well drilling,oil,gas well and mining projects.It mainly divided into steel tooth and TCI,diameter from 3 inch to 28 inch. Generally,steel tooth tricone bit mainly us...
  • Oasis Oil Tools Co.,Ltd Henan Province,China
4 1/2" OCTG oilfield tubing couplings
API P110 NUE EUE threading coupling
Straight welded Bridge slotted well screen tube 168mm
stainless steel V wire sand control water well screen tube
Global Welded Stainless Steel Wire/Johnson Stainless Steel Wire Screen
Continuous Slot Pipe Based Well Screens
Dual Pre-Packed Well Screen
  • Dual Pre-Packed Well Screen 2016-07-14
  • I'm Joanna sun from hengshui China guangxing screen Co.ltd Multilayer packing screens are common used for oil and water exploiting. It consists of two layers Well Screens (Pipe Base Screens) or Multilayer Well Screens with gravel packing. They have g...
  • China hengshui guangxing screens Company Hebei Province,China
Continuous Slot Pre-packed Rod based and Pipe Based Well Screens
Geothermal Well casing and johnson well Screen jacket Pipe
bridge slotted well screen tube 168mm
Slotted casing with Johnson jacket screen pipe for sand control
AISI 304 or 306 pipe based well screen/wire tube for filter/wedge wire screen
High Quality manufacturer api 5ct screen casing tube
wire wrapped well screen
  • wire wrapped well screen 2016-07-14
  • I'm Joanna sun from China hengshui guangxing screen Co.ltd Continuous slotted screen filter pipe(oil& water filter) are used for oil and water exploiting.They consist of Wedge hape profile wire and the longitudinal support rods. The V-shape secti...
  • China hengshui guangxing screens Company Hebei Province,China
Continuous Slot Wedge Wire Wrapped Well Screen
(manufacture) High Quality Stainless Steel johnson v wire wrapped well screen
Deep Well Ss Water Well Screen/wire Wrapped Well Screen
johnson V shape water well screen/wire wrap well screen
Stainless steel 304 316L johnson wire wrapped well screen
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