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  • Static Electronic Rail Scale (GCS)
  • Electronic Truck Scale ( SCS )
  • Digital Weighing Display (CKXC100-D)
  • Automatic Checking Scale (JCS-25)
Single-Stage Hammer Crusher
  • Single-Stage Hammer Crusher 2012-09-29
  • Single-stage hammers are ideal for crushing brittle, medium-hard materials such as coal, cement, limestone and clay. They are extensively used in the mining, construction, smelting and chemical industries. Our single stage hammer crusher (DLPC20.22B)...
  • Zaozhuang Jinshan Machinery Co.,Ltd Shandong Province,China
weigh feeder
  • weigh feeder 2012-09-18
  • Weigh Feeder is one high-tech product of mechanical and electrical integration with feeding conveyor、weighing measurement and quantitative control as a whole. It can adapt to continuous feeding ingredient measurement and automation systems from powde...
  • Hubei Huangshi Lantian Dust-removing Equipmemt Man... Hubei Province,China
Electronic Platform Scale (ZCS)
  • Electronic Platform Scale (ZCS) 2010-05-05
  • Characteristic:.Adopt high accuracy cell, it can against overload impact.Impose counter-impact protector.Designed direct AC/DC instruments according to users requests, so that save power.Indicator with micro-processor has high performance and low fai...
  • The 44th Institute of CASC Shaanxi Province,China
Digital Weighing Display (CKXC100-D)
  • Digital Weighing Display (CKXC100-D) 2010-03-19
  • Display: 6 bit VFD fluorescence numeral displayPower: AC170~245V, 49~51Hz 4 pathway relay crunodes inputLoad cells group communication interface: RS485Epigyny communication interface: RS485 or RS232Communication agreement: MODBUS, PROFIBUS or cust...
  • The 44th Institute of CASC Shaanxi Province,China
Dynamic Electronic Rail Scale (GCU-100)
  • Dynamic Electronic Rail Scale (GCU-100) 2010-03-15
  • GCU-100 type dynamic electronic rail scale is composed of the integer base groundsill, mechanical platform, high precision load cell, junction box, weighing switcher and computer data processing system. It mainly used in the dynamic measuring of four...
  • The 44th Institute of CASC Shaanxi Province,China
One-ton Packing Machine (DCS-1000 )
Automatic Ration Packing Scale (LCS )
  • Automatic Ration Packing Scale (LCS ) 2010-02-04
  • Main technical specificationRange: 25kg~50kg~100kgPrecision grade: 0.2Rate: ≤300 sack per hourStainless steel framework, so that showing high anti-caustic ability.Be provided with standard communication joint therefore can connecting with center cont...
  • The 44th Institute of CASC Shaanxi Province,China
Autocontrol Material Proportioning Scale
  • Autocontrol Material Proportioning Scale 2010-01-23
  • Proportioning fall dispose: enactment fall and self-correcting Enactment proportioning breaks protection, avoided errorCalibrating easily, suit for all kinds of field Blocking controller design, easy to maintainsIn-out signal separation, have strong ...
  • The 44th Institute of CASC Shaanxi Province,China
Electronic Truck Scale (SCS)
  • Electronic Truck Scale (SCS) 2009-11-26
  • This series electronic truck scale had gained flameproof product certificate of competency of country, apply for petroleum, war industry flammability and explode dangerous situation, especially on staple freight weighing.
  • The 44th Institute of CASC Shaanxi Province,China
Hopper Scale
  • Hopper Scale 2009-11-24
  • Technical index◇basic specification:1t~1000t;◇precision grade: 0.2%~0.1%F.S◇circumstance temperature: -20℃~+250℃◇security over loading capability 150%
  • The 44th Institute of CASC Shaanxi Province,China
Wireless Weighing Display (CKXC100-W)
  • Wireless Weighing Display (CKXC100-W) 2009-11-07
  • Main technical specificationInput delicacy: 0.3μv/dInput signal range: 0.1mV~20 mVA/D switch rate: ≥100 per secondDisplay: 6 bit VFD fluorescence numeral displayWireless transmission distance: 300 meter no coverPower: AC170~245V, 49~51Hz Applicabl...
  • The 44th Institute of CASC Shaanxi Province,China
Automatic Checking Scale (JCS-25)
  • Automatic Checking Scale (JCS-25) 2009-10-18
  • Model JCS-25 Automatic Checking Scale is used for checking the weight of already packed products in the continuous way. It is a kind of advanced and highly efficient weight checking equipment. It can effectively monitor the conditions of the packing ...
  • Beijing Aerospace Propulsion Institute BeiJing Province,China
Expressway dynamic Weight Charging System
  • Expressway dynamic Weight Charging System 2009-10-12
  • The 44th Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp use for reference the advanced dynamic weighting technology and experience of inside and outside of country,had developed independent intellectual property rights product—PKT series Ex...
  • The 44th Institute of CASC Shaanxi Province,China
Electronic Pit Type Truck Scale (ZCS-PT)
Calibration Device (DJY-Electronic)
  • Calibration Device (DJY-Electronic) 2009-08-15
  • It is a calibration system that based on computer and electric -controlled hydraulic track scale. The XDJY Model is a special calibration system that aimed at large-scale track scale and Vehicles scale for their implementation.The system is based on ...
  • The 44th Institute of CASC Shaanxi Province,China
154t motorized wheel dump truck
Static Electronic Rail Scale (GCS)
  • Static Electronic Rail Scale (GCS) 2009-07-30
  • ◆Adopt high accuracy load cells, microprocessor and advanced integrate circuit technology ◆Stable performance, high accuracy, and high speed. ◆Automatically weigh, calculate, indicate and record weighing date、time、vehicle number、total weight of tra...
  • The 44th Institute of CASC Shaanxi Province,China
Motorized Wheel Dump Truck
Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition 2009-07-07
  • Main capabilityThe remote detection and control functions: data collection, equipment control, alarming and monitoring, flux calculation;Configuration function: local configuration and remote configuration;Monitoring and Management function: multi-wi...
  • The 44th Institute of CASC Shaanxi Province,China
Large-Sized Industrial Mining Electrical Locomotive
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