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  •  Composite Flange Gasket
  • The " Composite Flange Gasket" includes all product list, manufacturer and supplier list of China Composite Flange Gasket. You may also choose to use the "keyword search" function to find out the products you are looking for.
  • Flexible Graphite Composite Reinforcing Gasket (GYD-2003)
  • Flexible Graphite Composite Gaskets
  • Corrugated-dent Compound Gasket (853)
  • Graphite packing with PTFE impregnation
  • Pure PTFE packing free oil
Non asbestos rubber sheet
  • Non asbestos rubber sheet 2011-09-28
  • Non asbestos rubber sheet1. 100% no asbestos 2. Ingredient: Acrylic fibers, cellulose fiber, inorganic fibers and NBR rubber Note 3. Major colors: Blue, yellow, green, black(may according customer requirements) 4. Major size: 1270*3810mm, 1270*1270mm...
  • Ningbo Sealstars Sealing Material Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Province,China
oil gasket
  • oil gasket 2011-06-02
  • 1. material:NBR,EPDM,SI,FKM(V270M),CR,SBR,IIR,HNBR,ACM,FLS,AFLAS ,PU ,etc2. Application:cars,Bath,Gate,Hydropneumatic,Electronics,Powertools,Fire ,extinguishers ,Refrigeration Compressor in air conditioning, etc.3. Main products: O-Ring.X-Ring V-Ring...
  • Best Ring Technology Shanghai Province,China
DIN Flange
  • DIN Flange 2010-08-15
  • DIN Flange Antileak FL 07103 DIN Flange includes:Plate FlangeCollar Plate FlangeWelding FlangeCollar Welding FlangeThread FlangeBlind Flange Technical data:Pressure Grade: 1?160BarNominal Size: DN10?2400mm
  • Antileak Seal Ltd., Amoy Fujian Province,China
JIS Flange
  • JIS Flange 2010-08-15
  • JIS Flange Antileak FL 07102 JIS Flange includes:Board Plate FlangeCollar Plate FlangeCollar Welding-neck FlangeBlind FlangeWelding-neck Flange Socket-welding FlangePlate Welding Flange Technical data:Pressure Grade: 5?30KNominal Size: DN10?1200mm
  • Antileak Seal Ltd., Amoy Fujian Province,China
ANSI Flange
  • ANSI Flange 2010-08-15
  • ANSI Flange Antileak FL 07101 ANSI Flange includes:Collar Plate FlangeCollar Welding FlangeRing Loose FlangeSocket Welding FlangeThresd FlangeBlind FlangeHigh Pressure Flange Technical data:Pressure Grade: PN?42.0MpaNominal Size: DN?600mm
  • Antileak Seal Ltd., Amoy Fujian Province,China
Carbonized fiber packing reinforced with Inconel wire
Flexible Graphite Composite Reinforcing Gasket (GYD-2003)
Pure PTFE packing free oil
  • Pure PTFE packing free oil 2010-02-05
  • Pure PTFE packing AIFLON 2300 Pure PTFE packing (Free oil) Made of raw film twists of pure PTFE dispersion resins without any lubrication.It is soft,mainly for static sealing. AIFLON 2300L Pure PTFE packing with special lubrcation,designed for dynami...
  • Cixi Aiflon Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd Zhejiang Province,China
Composite Asbestos Sheet With Steel Plate Reinforcde
Graphite PTFE packing
  • Graphite PTFE packing 2009-11-30
  • Graphited PTFE AIFLON 2320A or B Graphifed PTFE (GPTFE)yarn.The packing is soft.There are no free particles of graphite on surface and therefore no contamination can occur. AIFLON2320L Graphifed PTFE Packing with oil Packing made of 100£¥ GPTFE yarns...
  • Cixi Aiflon Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd Zhejiang Province,China
Reinforced Expanded Graphite Sheet (GTR-958&GAR-921)
PTFE Seals(HLG900 Series)
  • PTFE Seals(HLG900 Series) 2009-11-07
  • Made from quality PTFE resin, powdered graphite, MoS2, high temperature-resistant Lubricants and glass fiber through press shaping and sintering.Applications: Sealing under ambient temperature up to 260CSupply rang: Molded parts such as tubes, ...
  • Cixi Hengli Packing & Sealing Co.,Ltd. Zhejiang Province,China
PTFE Spiral Wound Gasket(HLG300 Series)
Graphite Spiral Wound Gasket(HLG400 Series)
Asbestos SpiralL Wound Gasket(HLG100 Series)
Heat Exchanger Gasket(EX Series)
  • Heat Exchanger Gasket(EX Series) 2009-08-08
  • This EX series gasket is designed and manufactured for muti-pass heat exchangers. Pass ribs are welded to inner hoop of gasket or onner ring. 2 type of pass rids are available. Tube type or Metal jacket type.EX series gasket are available for asbesto...
  • Cixi Hengli Packing & Sealing Co.,Ltd. Zhejiang Province,China
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