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1-1B Series slurry pump
  • 1-1B Series slurry pump 2017-08-22
  • Screw pump is a single-screw transfer pump. Its main working parts include the screw of eccentric helicoid(called rotor) and the screw bush with a double-line helicoid on its inner surface(called stator). Its working principle goes like this: when th...
  • Kenshine Pump and Valve MFG Co.,LTD Shanghai Province,China
G Series single screw pump
  • G Series single screw pump 2017-08-22
  • Helical rotor pump /mono screw pump is suitable for pumping the liquids with high viscosity and suspended particles and medium. less and widely is used for papermaking ,chemical industry, marine making, mining ,food stuff, and environmental protecti...
  • Kenshine Pump and Valve MFG Co.,LTD Shanghai Province,China
YCB Series circle arc gear pump
  • YCB Series circle arc gear pump 2017-08-22
  • YCB Series circle arc gear oil pump is suitable to transfer various lubricant oils and other liquids similar to lubricant oils without solid grain and fiber and oil viscosity is 5-1500CST. Pump material: cast iron/steel (For oils which temperatures ...
  • Kenshine Pump and Valve MFG Co.,LTD Shanghai Province,China
KCB,2CY Gear pump
  • KCB,2CY Gear pump 2017-08-22
  • KCB Series gear oil pump is suitable to transport various oil such as crude oil, diesel oil and lubricating oil. The KCB pump with bronze gears can be used to transpot liquids with low flash point such as gasolene and benzene etc. The medium temperat...
  • Kenshine Pump and Valve MFG Co.,LTD Shanghai Province,China
CQB Magnetic driven pump acid resistant pump
Ford\New Holland hydraulic pumps with tandem gears
Hydraulic Gear Pump for FIAT Tractor
gear pump
  • gear pump 2012-10-09
  • KCB series gear pump:1、Application: It applies to delivering non-corrosive lubricating-oil or equivalent liquid without solid particles and fibres at temperature below 300℃ and with the viscosity of 5*10-6~1.5*10-5m2/s(5-1500cSt). Reducin...
  • Shijiazhuang Heavy Pump Company Limited Hebei Province,China
Model G single-screw pump
Gear Pump(KCB、2CY)
  • Gear Pump(KCB、2CY) 2012-06-27
  • this pump be applicable toes to transport the every kind of oil, such as the crude oil, diesel, lubricant.The uses the copper wheel gear can transport the liquid of low point, such as gasoline, benzene...etc..Lie the quality temperature and does not ...
  • Yongjia Chenda Pump Valve Manufacture Co.,Ltd. Zhejiang Province,China
Gear Oil Pump(Hydraulic)(S & CB-B)
Gear Oil Pump(2CY)
  • Gear Oil Pump(2CY) 2011-12-22
  • 2CY Gear Oil Pump 2CY gear pump is for oil or equivalent liquid without solids and fiber with normal temperature below 300C. It is mainly used as oil delivering pump or boost pump in oil system. Stainless and bronze models are able to pump special oi...
  • Yongjia Ronda Pump Valve Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Province,China
gear oil pump(2CY )
  • gear oil pump(2CY ) 2011-12-22
  • Product Overview: 2CY, KCB Gear Oil Pump: The pump for conveying a variety of lubricating fluid has a temperature no higher than 70 ℃, For high temperature 300 ℃, can be custom-made heat pumps, the pump does not apply to transport corrosive, contai...
  • Zhejiang Kaicheng Pump Valve Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Province,China
LPG side channel pump
  • LPG side channel pump 2011-10-08
  • The LPGP-65 multistage pump, centrifugal and side channel, is designed with 6 stages, having a horizontal configuration, Shaft sealing by mechanical seal without cooling, for handling LPG (liquid gas ), the liquids involving high-differential pressur...
  • wenzhou supertech machine co.,ltd. Zhejiang Province,China
Surface Multiphase Single Lobe PCP
gear pump
  • gear pump 2010-09-03
  • Using Description KCB, 2CY, 2CG, KCG, RCB five series gear oil pump is suitable for transmission of heavy oil, fuel oil, machinery oil, heat transfer oil as well as the other liquids which have a similar nature. 1.1 KCB Series Pumps are applied to tr...
  • Wuxi Xinjiuyang Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Province,China
screw thread joint stamping pump(ICB)
Rotary Spray Pump(SDXP)
Screw Pump (2G and 3G )
  • Screw Pump (2G and 3G ) 2010-08-03
  • It is proper for conveying all kinds of non-corrosive oils without solid particles and lubricating liquid similar to oil. 2G Type Screw Pump Flow :1.9-200 m3/h Pressure Range :0-4.0Mpa Conveying Viscosity: 3-1520mm2/s(1.2-200oE); 3G Screw Pump Flow: ...
  • Sichuan Shengda Pump Industry Equipment Manufactur... Sichuan Province,China
Gear Oil Supply Pump( KCB and 2CY )
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