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seeding tank
  • seeding tank 2012-10-26
  • This equipment is often used in monosodium glutamate, citric acid, enzyme, glycerol, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. Specially used for chemical and biological fermentation, seed cultivation.Structure and features:1. This equipment can be ...
  • Wuxi Xishan Xuelang Chemical Equipment Plant Jiangsu Province,China
TQ multi-purpose extraction tank
  • Tank 2012-10-26
  • ●Material in contact:SUS304 SUS316L●Jacket type and non-jacket type are optional. Both inside and outside are mirror polished with outlet tap, and the bottom can be made oblique or elliptical with mobile wheels and automatic brakes.
  • FARFLY Energy Technology Co., Ltd Shanghai Province,China
FS Multi-function dispersing machine
  • FS Multi-function dispersing machine 2012-10-26
  • FS model multi-purpose dispersing kettle integrates the Iow speed strong stirring and high speed dispersing onto one body.It has very good adaptability to middle and high viscosity and thixotropy material. To stir and disperse at the same time can ob...
  • FARFLY Energy Technology Co., Ltd Shanghai Province,China
Mobile storage tank
  • Mobile storage tank 2012-10-26
  • Wide: This series is all kinds of drugs, cosmetics ideal intermediate storage tank.Features: Can be avoided in storage and transportation of secondary pollution, with sanitation, pressure, corrosion, use of flexible, vacuum material, positive press...
  • Wenzhou Taikang Evaporator Co., Ltd Zhejiang Province,China
Vacuum removing cylinders
  • Vacuum removing cylinders 2012-10-26
  • Wide: Also known as vacuum degassing vacuum removing gas cylinders, vacuum degasser, used by the homogenized juice under vacuum degassing in order to prevent oxidation of fruit juice, fruit juice shelf life extension.Components: All contacts with t...
  • Wenzhou Taikang Evaporator Co., Ltd Zhejiang Province,China
Storage tanks
  • Storage tanks 2012-10-26
  • Configuration of tank: Quick open manhole. Various types of CIP cleaners. Fly and insect resistant sanitary breathing cover. Adjustable triangular bracket. Dismountable materials input pipe assembly. Thermometer (According to custom...
  • Wenzhou Taikang Evaporator Co., Ltd Zhejiang Province,China
Stainless steel tank with single layer
Stainless steel tank with cover
  • Towers 2012-10-26
  • IntroductionSower has provided a variety of tanks and vessels and their mounting and fixing devices, etc. for customers from lots of industries such as chemical, food, medicine or pharmaceuticals, resin synthesis, paint or coatings, and ink, etc, inc...
  • Shanghai Sower Mechanical & Electrical Equipme... Shanghai Province,China
Spherical storage tanks
  • Spherical storage tanks 2012-10-26
  • IntroductionThe spherical storage tank is the best choice when the storage tank, especially the large scale tank is needed, because of its less material consumption for unit volume and best carrying capacity. However, due to its higher manufacturing...
  • Shanghai Sower Mechanical & Electrical Equipme... Shanghai Province,China
Large horizontal tank
  • Large horizontal tank 2012-10-08
  • We have both the design and manufacture license and experience decades history to manufacture LPG liquid ammonia and liquid chlorine. At present, we have developed successfully serialization products whose volumes are 5m3, 10m3, 20m3, 50m3, 100m3, 20...
  • Zhejiang Chengtai Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd. Zhejiang Province,China
TQ series multi-function extraction tank
Energy-efficient thermal phosphoric acid reaction tower
  • Tower 2012-01-30
  • The maxium diameter of tower can reach 7000mm and the maximal tower shipped integrally can reach 5200× H40000mm. For different industries, we provide diversed types of chemical vessels with distinct characteristics and specifications.
  • Guangzhou Qingsui Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd Guangdong Province,China
Distillation tower
150*150*30mm chemical resistant tiles
ceramic saddles
  • ceramic saddles 2011-12-05
  • 1,Price:FOB Shenzhen $4242,Quality ceratification:ASTM and DIN standard3,Size:1 inch-3 inches4,Daily output:20 tons,delivery on time5,Quality control system:ISO9001:20086, Excellent acid and alkali resistance7,We are manufacturer if you needing them ...
  • Jiangxi Pingxiang Longfa enterprise Jiangxi Province,China
Glass reactive tank
  • Glass reactive tank 2011-08-15
  • Glass reactive tank:Glass Reaction Kettle,Jacketed Glass Reactor,Glass reactive tankProduct Description It can stir and react under the natural pressure or negative pressure in the sealed reactor. The evaporating and reflowing of the reacted solution...
  • Changshu Deschem Chemical Glassware Factory Jiangsu Province,China
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