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  • Dual Metallic Temperature Indicator WSS
  • Dual Metallic Temperature Indicator With Thermocouple And Temperature Transmitter
  • Dual Metallic Temperature Indicator Sleeve
  • Chemical And Special Explosion-Proof Thermocouple And Thermal Resistance WR-WZ
  • liquid-in-glass thermometers for testing of petroleum product (GB/T514)
  • Thermometer 2012-06-04
  • 1) High accuracy temperature measurement2)Competitve price with good quality3)Pulse rate: Below 5%4)Manufacture according to the sizes and design of the customersOven thermometer/BBQ thermometer/Grill thermometer1)Cast from 304 stainless steel2)Lens ...
  • vip member Zhuhai Heinford Lubricants&Chemicals Co.,Ltd Guangdong Province,China
Remote Bimetallic thermometer
Bimetal Thermometer
  • Bimetal Thermometer 2012-10-24
  • WSS series bimetallic thermometer is a low-temperature field measurement instrumentation. Bimetallic thermometer can measure a variety of production processes range of -80 ℃ ~ +500 ℃ of liquid, steam and gas medium temperature.FeaturesThe scene shows...
  • Beijing will reach Top Technology Development Co.,... BeiJing Province,China
Industrial Bimetal Thermometer with Adjustable Angle
Pocket Bimetal Thermometer
Bimetal Thermometer
  • Bimetal Thermometer 2012-10-23
  • Bimetal Thermometer:standard:ASME B40.200-2008size: 2.5", customer request available,Lens:glass, (plastic,safety glass),Stem: 6.35mm, 8mm, 12.7mm,Stem length: from 1" to 36",Range: 0C to 300CAccuracy: +/-1% from 0 to 200C, the balance ...
  • Beijing ShengRuiKe Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd BeiJing Province,China
6 Dial Bimetallic Thermometer with Back Connection
2.5 Mini Pocket Bimetal Thermometer
Full Stainless Steel Adjustable Bimetall
Sheathed Pt100 Sensor
  • Sheathed Pt100 Sensor 2012-10-23
  • Application It is usually connected with display meter, recording meter and computer, etc. to directly measure temperature of liquid, vapor, gas and solid surface ranging from -200 to 500 during various production process. FeaturesWith quick thermal ...
  • Beijing ShengRuiKe Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd BeiJing Province,China
Pt100 Sensor with SS Bradi Cable
Anti-spray Type Armored Thermal Resistance
Industrial Thermocouple With Alluminum
Water-Proof Armored Thermocouple
Industrial thermocouple with No Fixing Device
Industrial Thermocouple with Flange
Industrial Thermocouple with Thread
Thermocouple with Transmitter
Thermocouple With Mini Plug
Thermocouple with Lead Wire
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