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Winner 2008 full automatic particle size analyzer for micron powder test
Full automatic winner 2000ZDE laser liquid particle size analyzer with wet dispersion for ink powder
high efficient cost winner2000E laser particle size measurement instrument for food materials test
Digital Textile Moisture Meter DM200T
  • Digital Textile Moisture Meter DM200T 2016-11-12
  • DM200T Textile moisture meter is a high-performance and digital moisture testing equipment by our company based on introduction of foreign advanced technology. The instrument adopts high frequency principle, digital display, sensors and main body tog...
  • Tsingtao Toky Instruments Co.,Ltd Shandong Province,China
Portable Concrete Moisture Meter MS300
  • Portable Concrete Moisture Meter MS300 2016-11-12
  • Concrete moisture meter MS300 is used for measuring moisture content of wood ,Timber,Bamboo,Carton,concrete ,glasses and other materials.It applicable of woodwork, flakeboard, furniture , building, and other relevant industry.1.Features:1.1.It is por...
  • Tsingtao Toky Instruments Co.,Ltd Shandong Province,China
Octane Rating Engines SINPAR FTC-M1
BG/SBLC Offer For Lease Or Purchase
  • BG/SBLC Offer For Lease Or Purchase 2015-09-16
  • I am direct mandate to the managing director of Raystorm Investments Ltd which is one of the leading UK based financial service company that specializes in procurement of bank instruments such as Bank Guarantee(BG), Standby Letter of Credit(SBLC) , L...
  • Raystorm Investments ltd London Province,China
Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Meter
Radar Level Transmitter
High Accuracy Radar Level Sonsor
Handheld GPS Collectors
  • Handheld GPS Collectors 2014-05-21
  • Shining PointsFasterMicrosoft Windows Mobile 6.5 806MHZ high-speed CPU 256M RAM, 8G flash memoryHigher accuracyGPS+GLONASS+COMPASSAdvanced PPP technologySolider1.5M anti-drop, IP67Integrated elaborate double ...
  • Chongqing Gold M&E Equipment-Geological Chongqing Province,China
Survey GPS GNSS RTK GPS System
  • Survey GPS GNSS RTK GPS System 2014-05-21
  • Ten Unique Innovations1. Internationally leading PCC BD970 multi-satellite, multi-system kernel2. Built-in transmitter-receiver, exchangeable base and rover3. Original 1+X multi-module communication units in the industry4. Extreme distance plugin rad...
  • Chongqing Gold M&E Equipment-Geological Chongqing Province,China
Insertion type Densimeter
  • Insertion type Densimeter 2014-02-24
  • Insertion type Densimeter(density meter) RBDM liquid Densimeter can be used in a range of industries including processing ... materials or in the food industry for measuring the concentration of moisture ... They are suitable for measuring liquid ...
  • R&B INSTRUMENT INC. Shanghai Province,China
Rotary Evaporator R-1001-VN
YJB-20 Mechanical Stirrer
  • YJB-20 Mechanical Stirrer 2013-01-26
  • Model Yjb-20 Stirring quantity max( L)20L Motor rating input (W)70 Motor rating output (W)35 Speed range (min)60-2000 Viscosity max (mPas)10000 Output max. at stirring shaft (W)26 Torque max. at stirring shaft (Ncm)150 Extension arm diameter/length (...
  • Xian Heb Shaanxi Province,China
Hot Air Sterilizer
  • Hot Air Sterilizer 2013-01-26
  • Hot-air Sterilizer (AM-9023A/9053A/9073A) Summary: The sterilizer takes advantage of high temperature disinfection principle, which destroys cell bioplasm, denatures protein and concentrates electrolyte to kill microorganisms. Features: 1. Microproce...
  • Xian Heb Shaanxi Province,China
rotary evaporator re-6000
  • rotary evaporator re-6000 2013-01-26
  • RE6000 Temperature digital continuously receiving discharging Introduction RE6000 Rotary Evaporator adapts Rotating Flask to increase Evaporating area, put it into heating bath in decompression to diffuse effectively liquid to finish evaporat...
  • Xian Heb Shaanxi Province,China
Low Temp Pump
  • Low Temp Pump 2013-01-26
  • Characteristics of uses: DLSB Series Low-temperature Cooling Liquid Circulating Pump is a low-temperature liquid circulating equipment adopting mechanilow-temperature chemical reaction operatmperature liquid and water bath. It can be combined with ro...
  • Xian Heb Shaanxi Province,China
rotary evaporator
  • rotary evaporator 2013-01-26
  • AC-motor for no classless adjustable speed, no brushless, no sparkle, long-lift; Sealing of the system is good, high vacuum degree, high evaporating rate, high recycling rate; Model: RE502B Evaporating flash L: 5000/F50 Receiving flash L: 3000/S35 Co...
  • Xian Heb Shaanxi Province,China
rotary evaporator Re-52AA
  • rotary evaporator Re-52AA 2013-01-26
  • Main Machine:0-150r/min,Stepless speed regulator,Micro-motor,Auto-rise/drop.Condenser: vertical condenser with feed in pipe, big condensing pipe,big evaporating pipe,evaporating rate is more superior than rank instruments.Temperature: Auto-controllin...
  • Xian Heb Shaanxi Province,China
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