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  • Saver Valve Actuator
  • Floating-ball Level Controller(UQK(S) series )
  • Digital Display Pressure Controller(YSJ—100、150 series)
  • Gas controller
  • Temperature - controlling
Saver Valve Actuator
  • Saver Valve Actuator 2016-01-12
  • Saver Valve Actuator:Saver Valve Actuator(Actuator) is an automatic control mechanism, which is applied in upper IBOP, through the automatic control mechanism, the upper IBOP will automatic switch in case of emergencySpecifications: For Safety Valve ...
  • Heilongjiang North Shuangjia Drilling Tools Co., L... Heilongjiang Province,China
WT-100 level indicator& controller
  • WT-100 level indicator& controller 2012-10-24
  • Specifications:● application scopecooperate with various sensors/transducers, measure、display and alarm control the physical quantities such as temperature、humidity、liquid level and flow rate● Function and feature:Multi-input ;Automatic calibration a...
  • shuangling meter machine co.,Itd. Tianjin Province,China
Level controller tuning fork
MD-S600 series intelligent digital pressure switch
MD-S800 series economic digital pressure switch
MD-910C air compressor switch
MD-910W water pump switch
  • MD-910W water pump switch 2012-10-23
  • It applied for water pump, self-priming pump and no-tank auto water supplier, the setting pressure signal will be output in electrical signal, the pressure values could be set by your requirements, the control system could be break automatically, it ...
  • Mind Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Shanghai Province,China
Gas Detection System Control Unit KS-3000
Gas Detection System Control Unit KS-9000
PressureTransmitting Controller
  • PressureTransmitting Controller 2012-10-19
  • MB430 industrial pressure transducer adopts all-welded piezoresistiveOEM pressure sensor.Combined with microprocessor technology. It can display thepressure value, uper&low limits alarm,relay contact output etc. Widely usedin process control fiel...
  • Nanjing GaoHua technology Co., Ltd Jiangsu Province,China
SMP-CT pressure transmit controller
  • SMP-CT pressure transmit controller 2012-10-19
  • ●Measuring range:0~0.1bar and 0~1000bar ●High accuracy and good stability●Up to five alarm pressure controlling points●Four bits high brilliance LED digital display, LED operation state display,double screen digial display●Application:process contro...
  • Shanghai LEEG Instruments Co., Ltd Shanghai Province,China
JG-UQK-71 series level display controller
Digital temperature controller
  • Digital temperature controller 2012-07-23
  • Digital temperature controller used in conjunction with sensors for temperature measurement, regulation, setting。Specification:Single, double, digital control dial codeXMT、XMZ、XMTH -101 102 131 152 161 171 181 191XMTD、XMTA、XMTE、XMTG、XMTB -DIPN...
  • Jiangsu Plaza Premium Electric Instrument Jiangsu Province,China
Pointer temperature controller
  • Pointer temperature controller 2012-07-23
  • ●Level accuracy classes are 1.5,2.5。 ●High-strength plastic chassis, structural diversification, 8 sizes:  TE-type shape:4848150,Opening:4545。  TEA-type shape:9696150,Opening:9292。  TED-type shape:7272150,Opening:6868。  TDW-type shape:16080150,O...
  • Jiangsu Plaza Premium Electric Instrument Jiangsu Province,China
Digital temperature controller-XMTA2000
WMZK, WMK series of temperature indicator controller
  • PD306 is a digital pressure gauge with one relay output and RS485 communication. It adopts stainless steel case with advantages of good seal, high accuracy, excellent stability, etc. It is applied in various fields, such as petroleum, hydraulics, rub...
  • Zhengzhou hongyi precision industrial inc Henan Province,China
  • PD305 is an item of digital pressure gauge with 4~20mA and one relay output. It adopts stainless steel case and are fully sealed, featuring high accuracy and reliability. It is applied in various fields, such as petroleum, hydraulics, rubber and plas...
  • Zhengzhou hongyi precision industrial inc Henan Province,China
Temperature - controlling
  • Temperature - controlling 2010-09-08
  • Temperature-controlling device is such a device through the PIC temperature testing component arranged the LV windings to detect & control the transformer. This device can supply the following functions as cycle displaying the temperature of 3-ph...
  • Zhejiang Guangtian Transformer Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Province,China
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