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  •  Well Logging Instrument
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  • Pin-breaking Reversing Valve
  • SNG Slim-Diameter Neutron Generator(for Logging)
  • TQ-34 Horizontal well logging tool
  • Intellectual hoist panel
hydraulic valve oil drain plugs
  • hydraulic valve oil drain plugs 2017-06-06
  • Sockets oil drain plug, Hexagon oil drain plugs, oil drain screw, magnetic oil drain plugs, oil plugs, oil screw, hydraulic oil drain plugsMaterial: Steel and Aluminum Finish: Steel Zinc plated, Aluminum Natural and Aluminum Oxidized Color. Siz...
  • Grand Hardware Manufacturing Co.,Ltd Zhejiang Province,China
Measurement while drilling
  • Measurement while drilling 2016-10-14
  • Mud-pulse MWD was designed to meet various needs of hole diameters, flow rates and other drilling requirements. The positive pulse system with minimum moving parts extends downhole life, simplifies maintenance and offers low resistance to flow ranges...
  • Beijing Tengyue Technology Co.,Ltd BeiJing Province,China
TYE-MT High Temperature Electronic Multi Shots Inclinometer TYE-MT High Temperature Electronic Multi
TYE-ST High Temperature Electronic Single Shot Inclinometer
TYE-SR Electronic Single Shot Inclinometer
ULtrasonic Level Sonsor for Wells Measurement
3/16" Armoured Cable
  • 3/16" Armoured Cable 2014-05-21
  • Construction:Copper Construction: 60.20+10.21 mm 60.0078+10.0082"Insulation PP : 0.19 mm 0.00748"Protection: 3.00 mm 0.118"Armor: (Inner) 180.47 mm(324N) 120.0185"(72.8lbs) (Outer) 180.64 mm(601N) 180.0251"(135lbs...
  • Chongqing Gold M&E Equipment-Geological Chongqing Province,China
Water Well Logger
  • Water Well Logger 2014-05-21
  • Features1.Extension notebook computer.2.Logging can be made upward and downward3.Digital and analogue signals can be received.4.Auto-sampling according to the depth interval Specifications1.12-bit A/D converter, enlargement factor k= 0.5~1282.Countin...
  • Chongqing Gold M&E Equipment-Geological Chongqing Province,China
Geological Automatic Winch
  • Geological Automatic Winch 2014-05-21
  • 2000m Geophysical Logger Winch Well Logging Winch Application:The winch is special equipments designed for the requirements of borehole measurement in the field. They can be used to lift or lower down well measurement probe tube; they have the funct...
  • Chongqing Gold M&E Equipment-Geological Chongqing Province,China
JGS Well Logging Sonde Geology Use
1200m Depth Digital Tilt Meter Geophysical Gradiometer
Borehole Television Inspection Television Camera
Portable Digital Borehole Inclinometer
High Accuracy Inclination Fiber Optic Gyroscope Inclinometer
Laptop Determine Dip Angle Borehole Inclinometer
1000m Geophysical Cable Winch
  • 1000m Geophysical Cable Winch 2014-05-21
  • Main Applications and FeaturesAdopt advanced frequency conversion technology to control the winch Automatic constant speed and manual speed control, automatic overload protection Automatic addition and subtraction to calculate the depth, with depth e...
  • Chongqing Gold M&E Equipment-Geological Chongqing Province,China
500m Automatic Geophysics Water Well Logging Equipment for SP, Gamma, Resistivity
APS SureShot MWD
  • APS SureShot MWD 2012-10-10
  • APS's SureShot family of directional and directional plus gamma systems provides reliable and flexible measurement-while-drilling performance in combination with our second-generation Rotary Pulser. The system can be powered by our battery modules, o...
  • Oilcenter Technology Co., Ltd BeiJing Province,China
North Seeking Gyro
  • North Seeking Gyro 2012-07-12
  • The north seeking gyro adopts micro-dynamically tuned gyro sensor and accelerometer as the core section, resolves the direction of gyro inclination relative to the earth north pole through the velocity component of earth rotationIt is composed of sur...
  • vip member Zhuhai Heinford Lubricants&Chemicals Co.,Ltd Guangdong Province,China
Wire Line Steering Tool
  • Wire Line Steering Tool 2012-07-12
  • Wire Line Steering Tool is the product created by our company in China and its probe outer diameter is 25 mm, thinnest in all the wire-line survey steering tools.  Specifications: Probe outer diameter: Φ25mm Pressure barrel outer diameter: Φ35mm Max ...
  • vip member Zhuhai Heinford Lubricants&Chemicals Co.,Ltd Guangdong Province,China
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