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  •  Geological Logging Instrument
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  • Open Hole Packer
  • Safety Joint
  • SK-3D01T Geochemical Evaluation Instrument
Self-Floating Photographic Single Shot Inclinometer
Typ-E Small Diameter Photographic Single Shot Inclinometer
High Temperature Photographic Single Shot Inclinometer
TYP-R Photographic Single Shot Inclinometer
TYE-ME Small Diameter Electronic Multi Shots Inclinometer
TYE-SF Self-Floating Electronic Single Shot Inclinometer
Downhole Video Camera Borehole Inspection Camera
Geological Survey Winch Geological Exploration Winch
Geophysical Logger System
  • Geophysical Logger System 2014-05-21
  • Geophysical Logger SystemMain Applications:1. Coal Field Digital Integrated Logging2. Hydrological Engineering Digital Integrated Logging3. Solid Metal Ore Digital Integrated Logging4. Other Minerals Digital Integrated LoggingSystem component: 1. Mai...
  • Chongqing Gold M&E Equipment-Geological Chongqing Province,China
SK-3D01T Geochemical Evaluation Instrument
Hydrospring Tester
  • Hydrospring Tester 2010-04-12
  • Hydrospring Tester indexes in sleeve. While the mandrel of Tester Valve moves up and down, the indexing retainer can turn around shaft except move with the shaft up and down for the purpose of indexing along indexing J-slot. The distance of indexing ...
  • Shenyang Dahua Petroleum Equipment Corp Liaoning Province,China
WJ Casing Expanding Packer (patented product)
YC Hydraulic Packer (patented product)
Open Hole Packer
  • Open Hole Packer 2009-12-15
  • The structure of Open Hole Packer consists of sliding collar, sliding head, setting mandrel, packer rubber, metal cup, support seat and bottom adaptor. As compression load is applied to the packer, the sliding collar moves forward and makes the packe...
  • Shenyang Dahua Petroleum Equipment Corp Liaoning Province,China
Full Opening Tester (patented product)
Open Hole by Pass Valve
  • Open Hole by Pass Valve 2009-11-13
  • By Pass Valve is a device installed at the bottom of Multi-flow Evaluator, its main functions are: (1) Drilling fluid can flow through the inner bore of packer’s mandrel and the hole of By Pass Valve, while testing string meets reducing well section ...
  • Shenyang Dahua Petroleum Equipment Corp Liaoning Province,China
Safety Seals
  • Safety Seals 2009-08-20
  • Safety Seals must be utilized with Open Hole Packer, it just likes a hydraulic lock assembly, its purpose is to give the packer a locking force and make the packer setting on while operating a Multi-flow Evaluator to put a well on. After testing, pac...
  • Shenyang Dahua Petroleum Equipment Corp Liaoning Province,China
Multi-flow Evaluator (MFE)
  • Multi-flow Evaluator (MFE) 2009-07-05
  • GENERAL(1) Multi-flow Evaluator is a set of integrated downhole on/off tools, the whole set of the testing tools operate and control various valves of the downhole tools by drill pipe reciprocation. It possesses the features of ease of operation, man...
  • Shenyang Dahua Petroleum Equipment Corp Liaoning Province,China
Safety Joint
  • Safety Joint 2009-06-10
  • It is a safety arrangement in testing to install a Safety Joint. Once the packer and screen pipe become stuck, and they can’t be released by a jar, the Safety Joint is recommended. Take out the tools and drill pipe above the Safety Joint, data and in...
  • Shenyang Dahua Petroleum Equipment Corp Liaoning Province,China
The HHD Packer and Hydraulic Anchor
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