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  • Type selections of automatic instruments for oil refinery
  • Oil refinery compositions and main process equipment
  • The oil refinery is mainly composed of production plant, storage facilities, public works, maintenance workshop, etc. The main process equipments in oil refinery are as follows:
    ① Heating furnace  
    Heating furnace is used for heating the process medium to make preparations for fractionation and chemical reaction.
    ② Fractionating tower  
    According to different boiling points of components, these components shall be separated. Because the temperature in fractionating tower drops from upper to bottom, the component with the minimum boiling point comes out from the tower top, the component with relatively lower boiling point comes out from the tower middle, while the component with the maximum boiling point comes out from tower bottom.
    ③ Separation tank 
    According to different saturated vapor pressure or incompatible principle, the gas, oil and water shall be separated.
    ④ Pump 
    Pump is used for delivering liquid medium.
    ⑤ Compressor  
    Compressor is used for delivering gas medium with a pressure increase.
    ⑥ Heat exchange equipment 
    Heat exchange equipment is used for exchanging heat.
    ⑦ Oil storage tank
    Oil storage tank is used for storing the raw materials, intermediate materials and products.
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