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  • Shell and tube type heat exchanger
  • Floating-head heat exchanger
  • Floating head refers to the tube sheets at both sides of a heat exchanger. Among them, one tube sheet is connected and fixed with the shell, and another one can float freely inside the shell. Floating-head heat exchanger  has the following features:  
    1.  The thermal deformation of the shell and the tube bundle is free, so there is no thermal stress appearing between the tube bundle and the shell when the temperature difference of two media respectively in the shell pass and tube pass is larger;
    2.  The tube bundle can be pulled out from the shell, which provides the convenience for maintenance and cleaning, and overcomes the weakness that the outside of the heat exchanger cannot be cleaned mechanically.
    However, floating-head heat exchanger also has some obvious disadvantages:
    1.  Complicated structure and high manufacturing cost: To make one tube sheet float, a floating-head cover and its relevant connecting piece are added at the floating tube sheet to ensure the enclosure of the tube pass. The leakage happening to the connecting place of floating head cover cannot be found during operation, so the sealing performance should be noticed especially during installation.
    2.  To make the floating tube sheet together with the shell be pulled out, and make a annular clearance with the width of 16 to 22mm form between the outer edge of tube bundle and the shell wall, the number of calandria is decreased and the by-pass flow path outside the tube bundle is increased, affecting the heat transfer efficiency of the exchanger. To stop the fluid from passing through the annular clearance, a longitudinal by-pass baffle can be welded and installed in between the baffle plates. The by-pass baffle can be pulled out together with the tube bundle.
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