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  • Type selections of automatic instruments for oil refinery
  • Control valve for oil refinery
  • ① Regulating valve generally adopts pneumatic regulating valve. The cast steel at least is generally adopted as valve body material and the stainless steel generally is adopted as valve plug material..
    ② Regulating valve positioner generally adopts intelligent electric / gas valve positioner.
    ③ Shutoff valve for security interlock protection adopts pneumatic two- position valve equipped with single electric control solenoid valve and valve position monitoring switch.
    ④ The control valve for storage and transportation system can adopt electric valve or pneumatic valve. The electric actuator had better adopt intelligent bus type. But the control valve for fire fighting system should adopt non-bus type. The pneumatic valve should be equipped with double electric control solenoid valve and valve position monitoring switch.
    ⑤ Quantitative loading control valve for oil products and LPG should adopt digital multi-stage electrohydraulic valve.
    ⑥ Travel-limit switch for valve position had better adopt proximity switch.
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