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  • Centrifugal pump
  • Advantages and disadvantages of centrifugal pump
  • Main advantages of centrifugal pump are as follows:
    1) Centrifugal pump is simple in construction, therefore, can be made in a wide range of materials.
    2) There is a complete absence of valves.
    3) Centrifugal pump operates at high speed (up to 100 Hz) and, therefore, can be coupled directly to an electric motor. In general, the higher the speed is, the smaller the pump and motor for a given duty.
    4) Centrifugal pump gives a steady delivery.
    5) Maintenance costs of centrifugal pump are lower than for any other type of pump.
    6) No damage is done to the pump if the delivery line becomes blocked, provided it is not run in this condition for a prolonged period.
    7) Centrifugal pump is much smaller than other pumps of equal capacity. Therefore, centrifugal pump can be made into a sealed unit with the driving motor and immersed in the suction tank.
    8) Liquids containing high proportions of suspended solids are readily handled.

    Main disadvantages of centrifugal pump are as follows:
    1) The single-stage pump will not develop a high pressure. Multistage pump will develop greater heads but multistage pump is very much more expensive and cannot readily be made in corrosion-resistant material because of its greater complexity. Multistage pump is generally better to use very high speeds in order to reduce the number of stages required.
    2) Centrifugal pump operates at a high efficiency over only a limited range of conditions: this applies especially to turbine pumps.
    3) Centrifugal pump is not usually self-priming.
    4) If a non-return valve is not incorporated in the delivery or suction line, the liquid will run back into the suction tank as soon as the pump stops.
    5) Very viscous liquids cannot be handled efficiently.
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